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The hornet

During summer, I went camping in Germany with a group of friends. Personally, I hate camping with a burning passion. No luxury, you’re highly dependent on the weather and worst of all, the toilets are half a mile away. However, my friends weren’t as enlightened as me, so we went camping despite my initial protests. This turned out to be a nearly fatal experience.image

During one particular night, we had been drinking for a while, telling stories about high school and other memories. I had already ignored my body’s signals for a while, because I didn’t want to walk all the way to void my bladder. Eventually one of my friends had to go as well and we decided to head out together. It was dark and neither of us had a flash option on our phone, so we used the bleak light of the screen to light the way.

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The 4 Requirements for a Happy Life

Over the last years, I have tried to define the things that make us happy. That turned out to be a difficult task, since everyone lives a different life and they enjoy different things. However, talking with friends and colleagues has helped us to narrow happiness down to four key aspects. These four elements can be found in every happy life. Once we found this, we thought this was great news, now we could start teaching everything to the people around us. With this blog, I am hoping to spread happiness all across the globe. So let’s get started!

1. Passion

focus-on-gainsFirst of all, it really helps to have a passion in your life. Every happy person has something they are really passionate about. If you don’t have a passion already, try to find yours. In the coming weeks, I will go in depth on each of these four topics, but for now, lets start with a quick to-do-list, so you can find a passion.

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