The 4 requirements for a happy life

Hey there! I’m glad you’re taking the time to read my first blog post.

Over the last years, I have tried to define the things that make us happy. That turned out to be a difficult task, since everyone lives a different life and they enjoy different things. However, talking with friends and colleagues has helped us to narrow happiness down to four key aspects. These four elements can be found in every happy life. Once we found this, we thought this was great news, now we could start teaching everything to the people around us. With this blog, I am hoping to spread happiness all across the globe. So let’s get started!

1. Passion

First of all, it really helps to have a passion in your life. Every happy person has something they are really passionate about. If you don’t have a passion already, try to find yours. In the coming weeks, I will go in depth on each of these four topics, but for now, lets start with a quick to-do-list, so you can find a passion.


First, dream big! What if you had 100 million dollars on your account tomorrow morning? Think about the possibilities! You could do whatever you want. The first things that will come up in your mind are probably vacations on white beaches, with a blue ocean at your feet 😉  However, we are going to look past that, a vacation is great, but we need activities to do in our everyday life. So think about that, what would you love to do?
Second, what if you couldn’t fail and were 10 times smarter than everyone else? Figure out what would really satisfy you. What activities would give you a life where you would look forward to every single day. What would make you get up at 6 am with a smile on your face?
Third, what is the difference between your current life and the dream life? Figure out the differences.
Last, but not least, brainstorm. How can you overcome those differences? Who or what is holding you back? Once you figure out how to solve the differences, you have your road towards a happy life.

2. Self esteem

On the road towards your passion, you will gain a lot of self esteem. However, sometimes the way our parents raised us, or our time at school, can cause serious damage. People are always quick to judge. We are being judged on physical traits, clothing, attitude, and so much more. It is difficult to have high self esteem in an environment where you aren’t appreciated. What we can do to negate all this negativity, is to remember something.
“I am enough.”
Nothing more, nothing less. Adele doesn’t have a slim and athletic body, yet she became famous. Same for a lot of actors, soccer players and politicians. They aren’t particularly attractive, don’t have a great clothing style, and some aren’t the brightest. However they didn’t let that hold them back. They focused on their strengths.

So whenever you feel down, repeat to yourself “I am enough.” remember the thousands of people who went through the same thing before you, they overcame it, and so can you!

3. Gratitude

Nowadays everything in life is filled with complaining. The news consists out of a long list of complaints about politics, weather, ex boyfriends etc. This negative cycle only causes misery. We can become happy by recognizing how much we have to be grateful for. Your living conditions are better than those of the richest person alive a 100 years ago. You have people around you and you have the internet at your disposal. You are intelligent and since you’re reading this, you are already busy improving your life.

Try to see the good in everything. After a while it will become a habit and your quality of life will dramatically improve.

4. Social Life

The last thing someone needs to be happy, is some form of social life. We are social creatures and we need people around us. You can meet new people everyday. Just smile to a random stranger, when they smile back, talk to them. They just smiled and basically asked you for a conversation. You can also deepen the relationships you already have, meeting new people isn’t required for everyone. Tell a friend or family-member how much they mean to you. Express your gratitude about their qualities and you will be much closer to them than you were before.


Thank you for taking the time to read this! Like I said before, the coming weeks I will cover each of these four topics in depth. If you want to stay up to date with the new blogs, you can like the Facebook page or follow the blog. If you feel like this is valuable to the people in your social circle, then feel free to share this 🙂 Have an awesome day!

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