About me

Heey! Glad to know I’ve piqued your interest. Who am I?


Yes, that’s me. My name is Ton. Right now, I am living in the Netherlands. I’m a simple student, 23 years old and I hope to graduate this year. My life hasn’t been that interesting for the first 18 years. It was after I started teaching that things took a turn for the better.

After a sub-par high school experience, I started studying to become a chemistry teacher. I taught my classes with energy and I had a great time (and I hope they had too). I got new, interesting information that made me a better teacher and started researching Self Improvement in my spare time, I looked for activities, mindsets and other advice on how I could live a happy life. At first, this yielded no results, but after a year of creating habit after habit, I felt more and more joyful every day. Some of my students and also a couple of classmates were inspired by the way I lived my life. That’s when I started passing on all this information for the first time. We spend hours talking and discussing life in general and I realized, this is something I love doing!

I switched studies shortly thereafter, because I realized that I didn’t want to teach chemistry, I wanted to become a coach. My dream is coaching people all around the world, spreading happiness that way and making this world a better place. My new study was in Engineering. Yes I know, not the field you expected. I study Engineering simply because I love being creative and in this field, a creative solution really shines. In the meantime, I worked on my dreams which resulted in a very small coaching business on the side. This soon turned into blogging and more coaching (in Dutch) and that brings us to this moment.

I decided that I wanted to help people, not just in the Netherlands, but across the whole world. So I started Haplify. Right now I am focused on reaching an audience as big as possible. I hope we can both learn a lot from this initiative and make our lives better. I am here for you, ready to help with anything you need. Thank you for your interest and I hope we can learn a lot from each other!